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Rise with Radiance - 365 days of inspiration

by Susan Schrott

About Rise with Radiance, Susan Schrott's upcoming book reflecting 365 days of her dedicated morning practice --

We all have our own inner sanctuary, a place where we can find nourishment from deep within to light our way through the day. With all the chaos and stresses in life, it’s easy for us to lose our way back, and for some not to even know such a place exists within them. The beautiful, magical images and inspired words in Rise with Radiance, the result of Susan Schott’s commitment to a yearlong morning practice, come from a place from deep within her and so are able to touch the truth-filled place within others. One of her daily followers described their effect: “The longer I look at these gaily-colored images, the calmer I feel … there is an aura of peace and tranquility emanating from the page.”

In the worlds of both science and spirituality there are many indications that setting positive intentions in the morning can help us set our day on a positive course. Though many of us might know that to be true, it is hard to follow it, hard to come up with the right phrase or words to use. In her book, Rise With Radiance, Susan Schrott gives readers a wonderful collection of sayings, as well as art, to lift our spirits and get us started every day. Whether you are a practitioner of meditation or a newbie, whether you have set intentions for years or never before, this easy guide is a blessing and a gift to give yourself and others.”
— Carolyn Costin The Carolyn Costin Institute Author, The Eating Disorder Sourcebook and 8 Keys to Recovery From an Eating Disorder